Elders & Governing Board

The Governing Board of Grace Hmong Alliance Church is composed of church members whose lives speak to their Christian maturity and who meet the ethical standards laid out in the Bible (1 Timothy 3:2-7 & Titus 1:6-9). Our Governing Authority serves our church and its leadership with sound counsel, strategic planning, and enthusiastic support of the vision, mission and ministries of the Christian & Missionary Alliance.

Members of the Elder Board are entrusted with the responsibility of overseeing the pastoral care and shepherding of the church body. Staff and pastors alone cannot handle all congregation concerns, needs and crises of the church, so the Elders assist in these duties. The Elders have the great privilege to pray regularly for the needs of the congregation and they take prayer requests very seriously. They also ensure that the church’s ministries are scripturally sound and oversee the church membership process.

*Here at Grace Hmong Alliance Church, both Governing Board and Elder Board titles are given together as one with the exception of the Secretary, Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer. Together the Elders & Officers constitute GHAC Governing Authority.


Kx. Xeev Ntxawg Xoom
Kx. Xeev Ntxawg XoomSenior Pastor
Kl. Txhiaj Kaus Lauj (2022-2023)
Kl. Txhiaj Kaus Lauj (2022-2023)GA & EB
Kl. Xaiv Tuam Xyooj (2023-2024)
Kl. Xaiv Tuam Xyooj (2023-2024)GA & EB
Kl. Vam Koob Vaj (2022-2023)
Kl. Vam Koob Vaj (2022-2023)GA & EB
Kl. Xauv Yig Xyooj (2023-2024)
Kl. Xauv Yig Xyooj (2023-2024)Chair GA & EB
Kl. Xaiv Ntaaj Hawj (2022-2023)
Kl. Xaiv Ntaaj Hawj (2022-2023)GA & EB
Kl. Tswj Fwm Thoj (2023-2024)
Kl. Tswj Fwm Thoj (2023-2024)GA & EB
Vaam Ws Yaaj (2022-2023)
Vaam Ws Yaaj (2022-2023)Vice-chair GA & EB
Kl. Vaam Yig Kaab (2023-2024)
Kl. Vaam Yig Kaab (2023-2024)GA & EB
Kl. Vam Txoov Yaj (2022-2023)
Kl. Vam Txoov Yaj (2022-2023)GA & EB


Kx. Xeev Ntxawg Xoom
Kx. Xeev Ntxawg XoomSr. Pastor
N. Tsom Puam Muas (2022-2023)
N. Tsom Puam Muas (2022-2023)GA Member (Secretary)
Kl. Xauv Yig Xyooj (2023-2024)
Kl. Xauv Yig Xyooj (2023-2024)GA, EB Member
Xeem Muas (2023-2024)
Xeem Muas (2023-2024)GA Member (Treasurer)
Tswv Zoov Yaaj (2023-2024)
Tswv Zoov Yaaj (2023-2024)GA Member (Assistant Treasurer)