Elders & Governing Board

The Governing Board of Grace Hmong Alliance Church comprises dedicated church members who exemplify Christian maturity and adhere to the ethical standards outlined in the Bible (1 Timothy 3:2-7 & Titus 1:6-9). This body of leadership serves the church with wisdom and guidance, offering valuable counsel, strategic planning, and wholehearted support for the vision, mission, and ministries of the Christian & Missionary Alliance.

The Elder Board members are entrusted with the vital role of overseeing the pastoral care and shepherding of the church community. Recognizing that the staff and pastors alone cannot address all the concerns, needs, and crises of the congregation, the Elders assist in fulfilling these responsibilities. They consider it a privilege to regularly pray for the needs of the church body, treating prayer requests with utmost seriousness. Additionally, the Elders ensure that the ministries of the church align with biblical principles and oversee the church membership process, upholding the integrity of the church’s spiritual foundation.

*Here at Grace Hmong Alliance Church, both Governing Board and Elder Board titles are given together as one with the exception of the Secretary, Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer. The Elders and Officers, in unity, form the GOVERNING AUTHORITY body entrusted with the responsibility of leading and overseeing the affairs of GHAC.


Kl. Xauv Yig Xyooj (2023-2024)
Kl. Xauv Yig Xyooj (2023-2024)Chair GA & EB
Kl. Tswj Fwm Thoj (2023-2024)
Kl. Tswj Fwm Thoj (2023-2024)GA & EB
Kl. Vam Koob Vaj (2022-2023)
Kl. Vam Koob Vaj (2022-2023)GA & EB
Kl. Vam Txoov Yaj (2022-2023)
Kl. Vam Txoov Yaj (2022-2023)GA & EB
Vaam Ws Yaaj (2022-2023)
Vaam Ws Yaaj (2022-2023)Vice-chair GA & EB
Kl. Zaam Xaab Vaaj (2023-2024)
Kl. Zaam Xaab Vaaj (2023-2024)GA & EB
Kl. Xaiv Ntaaj Hawj (2022-2023)
Kl. Xaiv Ntaaj Hawj (2022-2023)GA & EB
Kl. Xaiv Tuam Xyooj (2023-2024)
Kl. Xaiv Tuam Xyooj (2023-2024)GA & EB
Kl. Vaam Yig Kaab (2023-2024)
Kl. Vaam Yig Kaab (2023-2024)GA & EB
Kl. Txhiaj Kaus Lauj (2022-2023)
Kl. Txhiaj Kaus Lauj (2022-2023)GA & EB


Chruch Officers consist of the Senior Pastor, The Elder Chair and the following individuals:

N. Tsom Puam Muas (2022-2023)
N. Tsom Puam Muas (2022-2023)GA Member (Secretary)
Xeem Muas (2023-2024)
Xeem Muas (2023-2024)GA Member (Treasurer)
Tswv Zoov Yaaj (2023-2024)
Tswv Zoov Yaaj (2023-2024)GA Member (Assistant Treasurer)