Church Re-Opening Status

Grace Hmong Alliance Church is closed for fellowship again until further notice due to a significant increase of Covid-19 cases. We will be going back to the LIVE STREAMING service as before every Sunday from now on at 10:15AM every Sunday. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call our pastors.

Nrug peb pehawm Vaajtswv huv Live Streaming; nas qhov link nuav: Grace Hmong Alliance Church

Christ-Centered Family

Nyob Zoo, and Welcome to Grace Hmong Alliance Church’s website

Zoo sab togtxais koj tuaj rua peb lub vaagsaab nuav. Taamsim nuav peb taabtom khu peb lub vaagsaab, tejzag yuav muaj tej yaam tsi yoojyim rua suavdlawg. Dluale, nyob huv peb lub vaagsaab nuav, peb yuav sau ua lug Moob hab lug Amelikas sistxuam uake. Yog le caw koj tshawb moog kuas thoob tej kws peb tso huv nuav, casab tas yuav muaj tej yaam paab tau koj hab. Yog muaj tej yaam lug nug dlaabtsi los xob ua sab dleb, hu rua peb lossis sau ntawv rua peb lawv le tug email kws tso rua huv nuav.

Hello and Welcome. We’re so glad you stopped by today! As you can see, we’re quite a big family here at Grace Hmong Alliance Church but don’t be intimidated. Given that we have many visitors from all over the world most of whom are hmong, we also utilize what we call “Hmonglish” – (Hmong and English) quite extensively here. Regardless of this, we invite you to browse around and maybe even join us every Sunday for Worship as we study God’s Word. If you have any questions or prayer requests, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Sunday Schedule

Nursery 9-12pm
K5-5 10-12pm
Alliance Youth 10-12pm
Alliance Men 9-10am
Alliance Women 9-10pm
Worship Service 10-12pm

Prayer Request

Do you have a Prayer Request? Submit your Prayer Request online and we will help pray for you and your family.
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