Grace Hmong Alliance Church

Grace: This is a free gift from God. It is the unmerited and undeserved favor of God to all those who have life so that they may exalt His son Jesus Christ–the one who has paved the way to the Father. Because grace is a gift, there is nothing that we as humans can do to earn it. And so in this very same way Grace is a common theme in our many ministries and expressions of worship.

Hmong: The Hmong people are rich in culture, history and are very family-orientated. Like the Hebrews in the Old Testament, the Hmong people have a long story of suffering, persecution, courage, and triumph that many in the world have yet to know. Because of the nature of this history, it is only by God’s grace that many Hmong people continue to exist as they do. At Grace Hmong Alliance Church, although we largely reach out to the Hmong people, we know there is an ever-growing younger generation that also yearns and seeks to connect with our other brothers and sisters in Christ of all ages and backgrounds. Because of this, we are not only limited to Hmong services and devotions but also English services as well. We specialize in what we call “Hmonglish” to channel the Word of God to our older Hmong generation and more younger English-driven generation.

Alliance: The U.S. Christian & Missionary Alliance is part of a Christ-centered global movement of more than 6 million strong. Our Acts 1:8 family—inspired by Jesus’ love and empowered by His Spirit—is passionate to bring the Good News about Him to our neighborhoods and eventually to the ends of the earth.

“The Christian and Missionary Alliance in the United States does not “have” Hmong churches, Vietnamese churches, African churches, Japanese churches, Arabic churches, and so forth. There is no single corporate entity that possesses local congregations. The Church is the Bride of Christ. We do not own Englishspeaking churches or Spanish-speaking churches. Yes, The Alliance in the United States is a Spanish-speaking church. In some congregations, we speak Creole. We are an Arabic-speaking, a Jorai- and Radai-speaking, an Amharic-speaking, a Navajo-speaking, an English-speaking, a Mandarin-speaking, a Cantonese-speaking, and a Japanese-speaking church. The U.S. Alliance family is Cambodian, Laotian, Thai, Portuguese, Dakota, and Ojibwa. Together we constitute the Alliance family—a remarkable testimony to the power of the gospel to reconcile and bring together a vast array of redeemed men and women in common Christian community and mission” -Rev. Daniel R. Wetzel, CMA Vice President

Church: As revealed in His word, the church is a mandate from God. It is more than a building and more than just Sunday worship. The Church is the BODY OF CHRIST, Christ is the HEAD of that body. As such, each individual person is an essential part of His body. We exist because of God’s grace and because of that grace, we choose to share it with others. We pray that as you learn more about us, you will see the grace and love of God amongst us as we live this life that Christ has called us to live.

Our Core Vaules

“What we believe determines what we value, and what we value defines how we live.”

- The Alliance