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NEW YEAR, NEW RESOLUTION – Let’s read the Bible together

NEW YEAR, NEW RESOLUTION – Let’s read the Bible together
Nquas hu rua peb cov tswvcuab nyeem phoo Vaajlugkub Tshab kuas taag rua lub xyoo 2023 nuav. Nyeem lawvle cov nub hab tej tshooj kws teev rua huv dlaim ntawv.

Translation: It’s a New Year so let’s read the Bible together. Attached is a Bible reading guide. Let’s challenge ourselves this year to read the entirety of the New Testament as outlined in the reading guide.

January 1st, 2023|

Membership Review 2023

IMPORTANT! Membership Renewal (Txheeb Npe Tswvcuab) Ongoing Lub rooj Txwjlaug xaav tshaajtawm rua tsevneeg huv pawgntseeg Grace Hmong Alliance Church paub tas peb yuav muaj txheeb hab khu npe tswvcuab rua xyoo 2023 nuav. Sijhawm yuav txheeb npe tswvcuab yuav pib lub 1 hlis moog txug rua 3 hlis 2023. Txhua yim tswvcuab ib yig yuavtsum tau ib dlaim ntawv sau npe tswvcuab. Txhua yim kws tseem yuav ua tswvcuab rua pawgntseeg yuav tau xaa dlaim ntawv tswvcuab rov tuaj; thaus xaa tuaj, yuav tau sau npe teem sijhawm lawv le khoom xaa tuaj rua lub rooj Txwjlaug le peb tseem yuav npaaj ntxiv. Le maam qha kuas ntxawg rua suavdlawg ntxiv moog. Yog tsi meej los nug cov txwjlaug ntxiv.

Translation: On behalf of the elder board, we would like to announce to all Grace family that, we’ll have membership renewal in 2023. Actual membership renewal will begin in January 2023 and conclude at the end of March 2023. Each family will have to acknowledge the receipt of the membership renewal form. Those who are still interested to continue to be Grace’s members should complete and return the membership renewal form back; upon returning the membership renewal form, each family will have to sign up for a time slot to meet with Elders regarding their renewal. Additional details will be given as the time approaches. If there are any questions, please see any of the Elders for clarification.

January 1st, 2023|

Church Camp – June or July 2019

Come and Join us for a weekend of fun, games, praise & worship as we fellowship with one another. There will be potluck for Saturday evening so members are encourage to bring along something to share. Other meals will be on your own. We’ll not have Sunday Service at Church, but at camp 10-12PM.

N1385 County Hwy E
Waupaca, Wisconsin 54981

+1 (715) 258-5707

June 2nd, 2017|

SALT 2017 Registration has begun

This year’s 2017 SALT conference registration has begun. Sign up today.

$330 (Deadline – March 31st, 2017)

$165 – first 1/2 Due upon submitting registration (Deadline – March 31st, 2017)
$165 – final 1/2 (Deadline – April 30th, 2017)

$350 (Deadline – May 31st, 2017)

Visit https://www.hkmyouth.org/ for more information.

March 14th, 2017|

Mission Focus Sunday- 3/19/2017

Lub limtam 3/19/2017 yog lub limtam kws pawgntseeg npaaj rua kev nquahu txhawb kev xaa Moo Zoo. Thov suavdlawg npaaj tuaj koob nub ntawd kuas tau.

March 12th, 2017|
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